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In order to promote the development of Linyi's old-age care, accelerate the transformation of traditional family-based pensions to social pensions, so that more elderly people have medical care, old-age care, and enjoyment, and adhere to the combination of “housing and rehabilitation care”. With the approval of Linyi County People's Government, Shandong Haoyue Group Co., Ltd. and Linyi County Xinzhai Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. jointly established Linyi Jingfu Pension Co., Ltd. using PPP mode.
▲ New medical combination mode
Planning 1,000 beds, including: 400 in the first phase, complete set of departments, professional medical, rehabilitation, nursing team, the introduction of advanced rehabilitation physiotherapy facilities at home and abroad, to provide all-round, high-quality, professional living to the elderly Providing life and rehabilitation services, providing scientific diagnosis and rehabilitation physiotherapy for the disabled elderly, is a new era of professional rehabilitation services for the elderly.
▲ Comfortable environment
Linyi Jingfu is located in Xinzhai Town, Linyi County, Shandong Province. It is located on the west side of Lintong South Exit of G25 Changshen Expressway. It is adjacent to the provincial highway Donghong Highway in the west. The 103 bus is directly accessible. The land area is 26,000 square meters and the construction area is 20,000 square meters. The green area is 37.5%. Based on the design concept of the green park, the courtyard design of the courtyard, the grass is green, the environment is elegant, and the environment is quiet. When you enter the gate of the nursing home, you can see the friendly smile of the medical staff, so that the elderly feel warm and comfortable, which is in the minds of the residents. An ideal place for retirement, treatment and rehabilitation.
▲ Strict construction standards
From planning, design to construction, the construction project strictly implements the “Standards for the Construction of Old-age Maintenance Homes” promulgated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the National Development and Reform Commission. The fire protection design and construction shall be in accordance with the national engineering construction fire protection technical standards.
▲ Scientific regional layout
Jingfu is divided into six major districts, namely residential area, rehabilitation physiotherapy area, diagnosis and treatment area, canteen restaurant area, office area, leisure and entertainment area. Based on the principle of scientific division and close collaboration, the six districts are equipped with professional medical personnel and facilities according to the needs of each district, and strive to maximize the advantages of conservation resources and improve the rehabilitation effect of the residents.
▲ Perfect supporting facilities
The bathroom is equipped with a smart toilet, the room is equipped with central air conditioning, and the floor is equipped with an elevator. Jingfu has created a precedent in the same industry.
It is not easy or even dangerous to consider the elderly when the bowel movement is up. The supporting facilities are completely designed according to the needs of the elderly, such as anti-skid facilities and barrier-free facilities. All the toilets are equipped with smart toilets, which can not only solve the problem of toilets for the elderly. It is more conducive to the physical and mental health of the elderly.
There are single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and quadruple rooms in the living building. The rooms are equipped with separate toilets, showers, TVs, bedside pagers, wardrobes, etc. to meet the different needs of the elderly.
The diagnosis and treatment area is equipped with advanced testing equipments such as testing, testing and treatment at home and abroad.
The rehabilitation physiotherapy center is equipped with the industry's leading rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment such as daily rehabilitation and health care products, equipment, rehabilitation training equipment, and old disabled limbs.
The canteen restaurant is equipped with first-class kitchen facilities from the processing to the dining area. It has a large dining room for 600 people. At the same time, it has a reception hall to provide convenience for children and relatives to visit, and to create a harmonious and warm candlelight for the birthday of the elderly. Dining atmosphere.
The recreation area has a chess room, a painting room, a tea room, a counseling room, and a gym.
▲ Professional medical team
1. Professional team: Jing Ford hired famous Chinese medicine practitioners to form a strong team of expert consultants, and regularly went to the nursing home for consultation. At the same time, the hospital has several clinically experienced physicians and professional nursing staff, and jointly established the Jingfu professional medical team. Provide effective protection for the rehabilitation of the elderly;
2, focus on care: Jingfu focus on rehabilitation care, unique rehabilitation physiotherapy center for the rehabilitation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease sequelae, significant care, carefully prepared a comprehensive care plan for each patient, the doctor team daily round observation The patient's condition is to adjust the care plan, so that every patient can get scientific rehabilitation care and return to society and integrate into the family as soon as possible.
▲ Intimate care service
Jingfu takes the rehabilitation medical team as the core, and the whole hospital implements 24-hour full-time nursing, especially for stroke, sputum, vegetative, senile dementia, hemorrhoids and other disabled seniors, and regularly turns over to prevent complications; Jingfu professional dietitian It will combine the nutrition and taste of the elderly with a reasonable diet to provide personalized catering service for their physical condition. The caregiver will take care of the elderly to eat on time, ensure that the elderly eat well, and if necessary, carefully feed, the occupants can according to their own needs. Flexible choice of permanent or short stay.